!!! Exhibition VERTIGO TIME prolonged till January 5. !!!




Boris Mikhailov
Alina Kleytman
Sasha Kurmaz
Vlada Ralko
Mykola Ridnyi


What is the influence of the socially engaged photography of Boris Mikhailov to next generations of artists in Ukraine?

The exhibition presents recent works of Ukrainian artists who use different mediums in their practice:

from photography and moving images to drawings and objects.

The context of turbulent years which has seen the country get shaken by the war in the Donbas region,

recession and the invincible corruption in power are all used to form the narrative of this project.

At the same time, it raises the common and painful questions for Europe: is there a place for truth in a situation of global

right-wing populism and will there ever be a place for peace in a situation of rising hatred?